Now Roasting

5 facts about our 
great coffee

We could fill a book with what we know about coffee. But over-explaining isn’t our style. So we’ll give you the facts:

  1. We roast in Auckland weekly.
  2. We’ve been roasting for over two decades, so you’re in safe hands.
  3. We have two distinct blends to choose from all year round – Premium Blend for creamy flavour and Barista’s Choice for a robust espresso shot.
  4. We have seasonal Single Origin blends as well. 
 Right now, it’s a medium to dark blend from two regions in Peru.
  5. Buy a Single Origin blend and proceeds will go towards the Hudsons Scholarship, supporting next generation Peruvian coffee farmers.

Smooth & Creamy

Premium Blend

I’m the OG blend, and haven’t changed since Hudsons opened 21 years ago. I’m smooth on the palate and I 
work at any time of day. I’ve got a balanced flavour that’s versatile enough to meld with milk or stand alone as an espresso.

Origin Peru, Costa Rica, Ethopia, Tanzania
Flavour Hazelnut, Vanilla
Best Served With milk, Straight Espresso

Rich & Robust

Barista’s Choice

I’m a stronger, more intense brew best enjoyed as 
an espresso to steel you for the day. I’m a blend of finest quality Arabica beans sourced from Peru, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Tanzania, with Robusta added for that 
extra kick!

Origin Ethiopia, Uganda, Brazil, India
Flavour Burnt caramel
Best Served Straight espresso

Sweet & Balanced

Single Origin

I’m a blend of 100% ethically harvested Peruvian Arabica beans. I have a smooth buttery finish and take to froth nicely, or stand alone for a rich long black. Grab me quick, because I won’t be around for long!

Origin Peru
Flavour Dark chocolate
Best Served Wih milk, straight espresso